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When is the deadline to register for the 2024 event ?

Team registration should be concluded by May 17th or until our capacity is reached. Historically, our capacity tends to be filled by May 15th, emphasizing the importance of securing your team's payment and registration well in advance of that date.

How many games are included and when do we play?

You are guaranteed Four games. Most Teams will all play their preliminary games on Saturday May 25. All playoff games will take place on Sunday May 26th with all teams qualifying. Playoff schedules will be posted online between 8PM-10PM Saturday evening once the standings are finalized. All playoff brackets are single elimination format. 

Where and when are the games played ?

The 2024 Tournament will take place on May 25th & 26th. Games begin at 8:00 AM on Saturday. The last game on Saturday could start as late as 8:30PM. All games are played at 3 Marshall Crescent in Winnipeg. Rinks 1-4 are at 3 Marshall Crescent and Rink 5 is located across the field from Rink 4 at Ralph Maybank School.

How many players can I have on my team ?

Each team can have a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 7 players. (6 attackers and a goalie. 

What division's do you offer ? 

In adult, it is categorized by gender (Men's 4 Skill levels, Women's).  We also offer a mixed Coed division. In the Youth divisions, it is separated by age group.  

How do reserve a spot in the tournament ? 

You can register on our main page. Tournament spots are limited and given out on a first-come, first-served basis, with full payment required for booking. This guarantees a fair chance for all teams to claim their spot. Once purchased, spots are non-refundable to ensure smooth event planning. No partial payments are accepted, as incomplete payments prevent us from reserving spots and exclude other teams ready to pay in full, especially when spots are scarce. Partial payment are not permitted.

Are there any restrictions on team rosters or player substitutions ?

Rosters can be expanded before the registration deadline or your first game, but not afterward. No roster substitutions are permitted once your first game has started.

Am I allowed to participate in more than one team?

Yes, you are. However teams may not have more than 3 duplicate players on separate teams in Men's division (Goalies do not count).  Be aware that game scheduling conflicts might arise eventually especially in the playoffs. We are typically able to facilitate players engaging with several teams during the initial rounds, but it's crucial to inform us via email to prevent any scheduling issues. If the number of players on multiple teams becomes too high, it might not be feasible to accommodate everyone due to mathematical limitations. We advise to communicate with your players to prevent any roster violations once the tournament begins. Minimizing the amount of duplicates will ensure less game conflicts.

What type of rinks do we play on ?

The dimensions of our main rinks measure approximately 85 feet in length and approximately 40 feet in width. Within each rink, you'll find precisely painted center lines, accompanied by robust 72-inch goal nets constructed with heavy frame sets. Moreover, to ensure an uninterrupted game flow, each rink has appropriate fencing, strategically designed to minimize the frequency of the ball exiting the playing area. 

Does my team need Jerseys ?  

Ideally, every team should don matching uniforms in the same color. Additionally, it's wise to come prepared with an alternative color option to avoid any clash with the opposing team in case of color similarities. 

Are there referees for the games ?  

Yes. All of our paid officials are certified by the Manitoba Ball Hockey association.

What happens if it rains ?

The tournament will continue regardless of weather conditions, be it rain or shine. Any potential delays will be addressed, which may involve adjusting game durations and employing various strategies. Our utmost dedication will be directed towards ensuring the completion of the tournament, even if adverse weather becomes a factor.

I had a few players drop out and no longer can play, do I get a refund?

Similar to other organized sporting events, our tournament adheres to a firm no-refund policy. We kindly request that you sign up only if you are fully committed and have complete assurance of a dedicated team.

Will there be medical personnel on-site in case of injuries?

Yes, we will have first aid specialists and supplies on-site to assist in case of injuries. This is located by the head table.

Is picture identification required ?  

Picture IDs are required if the tournament staff cannot identify a participant and may be randomly checked throughout the event or to assess illegal player protests.

What if my goalie gets injured ? 

If your goalie, who is officially listed on the waiver/roster form, gets injured or is otherwise unable to participate for the remainder of the tournament, they may be replaced with a backup goalie. This backup must not be currently playing for any team in the same division. Such a substitution is allowed only with the explicit approval of the tournament's head table staff and director. The backup goalie's name must be officially added to the roster before they can play in any upcoming games. Once a replacement goalie has been made, no additional changes to the goalie position will be permitted for the rest of the tournament. The original goalie, once replaced, cannot return to play in the tournament. Additionally, it's worth noting that any player whose name appears on the roster is qualified to serve as a goalie.

What is Coed Division ?

Teams consist of a female attacker, two male attackers, and a goalie (who can be either male or female) on the playing surface. Teams have the option to include up to three female attackers, all the while ensuring that the total number of male players on the surface does not surpass two during play. A typical Coed team has four male players, two female players, and a goalie. 

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